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The water buffalo is a very friendly animal, and used mainly in the agricultural sector. The buffalo was used to plow the rice fields before planting or to pull carts loaded with agricultural products. It’s just an animal farm and animportant part for every Vietnamese family for centuries, even is considered the wedding gift in some contryside.

The buffalo pulling carts are attractively designed with a thatched roof and rustic bamboo decoration and soft-back seating. The well-tamed and disciplined water-buffalo is expertly handled by friendly local farmers. This tour is an ideally friend and romantic way to explore and enjoy the local countryside.


  • Duration: 3 hours
  • Start: 15.00
  • Location: Cam Thanh village


Learn how to drive a buffalo pulling cart when across the inspecting farming villages and rice fields.

Spending time with a local farming family , enjoy refreshment and share stories of farming life – as well as feeding and watering your “BMW” .

Learn about the water buffalo, the story of rice and how to cook rice and enjoy a rice meal the authentic Vietnamese way.

Try a local rice alcohol

giro in bufalo a Hoian

giro in bufalo a Hoian 1


If you want to experience one day of a true peasant in Hoi An,  this is a tour made for you. Start the day by cycling to the rice farm  and then take part in ploughing, raking, sowing, planting, grinding and separating the rice and making rice flour. At the end of the tour you will have the opportunity to cook and eat beautiful crispy pancakes which will be served with a cool drink. This whole experience is held on a family farm and will be something you will never forget. Just be prepared to get dirty!


  • Duration: 4,5 hours
  • Start: 8:30


Start biking to the countryside throughout the rice paddle, enjoy the fresh air with the nature

Meet the local farmer, talking with them about their local farming daily life, having a cup of tea with them at the middle of the rice paddle field farm.

Wear farming clothes before getting into muddy rice field like: Vietnamese authentic and traditional farmer clothes, conical hat, boost …etc …  

Listen to the tour guide introduced and explained about the process of the wet rice how to grow it. 

Start the farming works to learn how to grow wet rice with water buffalo plough, use agricultural water system.

Transplant baby wet rice at the rice paddle field

Enjoy riding with water buffalo at a small pond at the rice farm

Have a local meal with the local farmer at their house

giro in bufalo a Hoian 3

giro in bufalo a Hoian 4

giro in bufalo a Hoian 5

giro in bufalo a Hoian 6

giro in bufalo a Hoian 7

giro in bufalo a Hoian 8

giro in bufalo a Hoian 9

giro in bufalo a Hoian 10

giro in bufalo a Hoian 11

giro in bufalo a Hoian 12


Basket Boat Racing is one of the funniest and most exciting games in competition about the waterways life of the local fishing people in central region of Viet Nam. It is designed and organized for the incentive group or (Mice) who travels to Hoi An for a visit and to have a memorable and great experience trip.


  • Duration: 2,5 hours
  • Start: 8.30

Supposed we had 100 of guests, we will divide 100 of guests into 10 Teams. Each team will have 10 persons, each of team will be offered 1 basket boat. We will give put a name for each of team a favorite animals like:  Shark, crocodile, tuna, dolphin….Each of team has 2 persons rowing for one turn, we will play 5 rounds all together within 20 minutes. The winner is the one who is the fastest returning from their flag destination with the most plenty of fishes they caught ( Fishes will be hanging at the Flag’s destination, each of the team has their own flag) .

Are you ready to race?

All guides of each team are professional, not only can drive a basket boat but also dance like real dancers.

Or you can participare some activities on the beach

giro in bufalo a Hoian 14

giro in bufalo a Hoian 15

giro in bufalo a Hoian 16

And there are nothing better than to enjoy “trophy” after the racing full of sweaty and smile. Obviously the beer is indispensable.

giro in bufalo a Hoian 17

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