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Introduction of Indochina

What is Indochina?
Indochina refers to three countries, Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. This trio’s cultural and historical connections are centuries-old, but have more recently been rooted in French colonialism.

Where can you relax?
The South China Sea on Vietnam’s coastline is full of fabulous beaches and exclusive resorts.
The private island escape of Song Sa on Cambodia’s south coast works well with a trip to Luang Prabang and Siem Reap.

What’s the food like?
So good you’’ll definitely want to join one of the many cookery classes available!

Is there much wildlife to see?
This isn’’t a part of the world famous for its wildlife, but birding can be good in some of the national parks.

When to go?
March is the single best month for exploring Indochina, you’ll miss the rains in central and south Vietnam, and it shouldn’’t be too cold in the north. Generally, weather should be good from November to March.

Wish you a good time to discover the vast Indochina!

Northern Vietnam

Central Vietnam

Southern Vietnam