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Locate on the bank of Perfumes River, Thuy Bieu Village has cool fresh air. This is a special village that still maintains many fruit gardens, garden houses and temples. Leaving the noise of the urban life behind, you will have an unforgettable experience of life in Thuy Bieu Eco-Village.

Thuy Bieu ( Thủy Biểu in vietnamese) is featured by its rustic settings, typical of Hue countryside, far about 7km from the center of city. The whole village is hidden in luxuriant gardens of citruit and bamboo. Local people live in small blue cottages, built in traditional architecture with small chambers, titled roof and long gate. Leaving the noise of the urban life behind, you will have an unforgettable experience of life in Thuy Bieu Eco-Village.


  • Thuy Bieu is undoubtedly a cradle of the culture of Hue. The village is surrounded by many natural and cultural attractions.
  • Thuy Bieu is famous for fresh and delicious fruits, especially grapefruit is called Thanh Tra (Thanh Trà), has good smell and green peel. Every spring, the village is filled with its aromatic white flower of the grapefruit and when autumn comes, the ripe grapefruits are everywhere.

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  • Explore traditional crafts (craft of making incense, joss paper also known as ghost money for the died people, painting paper)
  • Enjoy the authentic atmosphere and relax


  • Cycle to explore the ancient village, enjoy the fresh air when across the rice fields and tropical fruits gardens.
  • Visit the typical house in Hue. The guide will show you the characteristics of Hue culture through unique architteture.
  • Join some agricultural activities and have chance to be the real farmer for a day or the gardener. After working in the area, you can relax with a foot massage with herbs picked from the garden.
  • Meet and chat to the friendly local people in Thuy Bieu and see their daily life and enjoy the authentic atmosphere.

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  • Take part in cooking class to get in hand the secret recipe of the traditional dishes of Hue


  • 09:00: Pick up from your hotel. Embark on boat along Perfume River.
  • Go to Dong Ba market and buy the ingredients for cooking class
  • Visit the Thien Mu pagoda – the symbol of the city of Hue. Back to the boat for a scenic cruise to Thuy Bieu village – the Garden of Eden in Hue

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  • Arrive Thuy Bieu, a nice walking or biking around village. Visit local garden , old ancestral temple and communicate with local people.
  • Visit craft making family to discover the daily life of local people while they are working strenuously with joy and enthusiasm.
  • Take part in the cooking class and have lunch with Hue traditional dishes you have just cooked.
  • Relax by soaking your foot in medicinal herb water – a traditional therapeutic practice.
  • Back to hotel around 02:00 pm. End of the tour.

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