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Bac Ha

Bac Ha is a town in north-western Vietnam, near the border with China. The main reason to visit this town is its colorful Sunday Market.

  • Sunday Market. Bac Ha’s market is frequented by roughly 10 of the local hill tribes so offers a large range of local produce and some tourist gifts.
  • Lung Phin Market is roughly 12km from Bac Ha and takes place every Sunday.
  • Can Cau Market is roughly 20km north of Bac Ha and takes place every Saturday.
  • Coc Ly market is roughly 35km from Bac Ha and takes place every Tuesday.

bac ha- sapa

Bac Ha is not as frequented by tourists as Sapa, except this Sunday Market. There is not as much tourist services provided. Bac Ha is suitable for trekking around the neighborhood and also with the children you can explore the cultures and customs of ethnic groups living here. If you like trekking, you can go to the Ta Van Chu village (about 10 km north of Bac Ha town, homestay is possible here), or you can visit the Thai Giang Pho, Na Hoi and Nam Mon villages.