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Tipping & Donation


Tipping is not expected in Vietnam but it is enormously appreciated. You should consider tipping guides, drivers, and staffs at hotels or restaurants if they have done good jobs.

How much you should tip? It’s up to you and depended on the situation. According to customs in Vietnam, tips are usually given to guides, drivers, porters, cyclo driver and rowers. It is advisable not to give too small tips. It is better to give nothing than to give too low amount of money such as 2,000 VND or 5,000 VND, which may offend them.

Tipping Suggestion: higher tipping is also suggested.

Number of traveller Group  2 – 3 persons Group 4 – 6 personsGroup 7-10 personsGroup more 10 persons
For guide/day5 $US/traveller4 $US/traveller3 $US/traveller2 $US/traveller
For driver/day2 $US/ traveller1,75 $US/traveller1.5 $US/traveller1 $US/traveller

Why should you tip them?

We could pay more for the services but even in this case, the end-line services provider as listed above still expect a tip from you due to their low payment: Cyclo driver in Hanoi would get15,000 VND (0,75$US)/1hour working, Boat Rower in Tam Coc gets 60,000 VND (3 $US)/2,5 hours rowing and is able to do it maximum 4 times a months. Driver generally gets 100 $US/month which is too low for living standard in a big city like Hanoi, Saigon. Tour-guide has to work all year round could make only 400 $US/26days working/month without vacation.


It’s considered proper to make a small donation at the end of visit to a pagoda, especially if a monk has shown you around; most pagodas have contribution boxes for this purpose.

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