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Suspend visa issuance to all foreigners to Viet Nam in 30 days from 18th March 2020

In order to better prevent and control the spread of Covid-2019 among community, the Government of Viet Nam has decided:

1.1. Temporarily suspend visa issuance to all foreigners to Viet Nam, effective from 00h00, 18 March 2020 and this decision will remain valid for 30 days.

1.2. Starting from 00h00, 18 March 2020, entrants to Viet Nam with visa exemption or visa exemption book (issued to overseas Vietnamese and their spouses and children) or with visa issued to some special cases (such as experts, business managers, highly skilled workers) when entering Viet Nam must provide health certificate indicates that Covid-19 negative issued by the host countries’ authority and approved by Viet Nam.

Those measures are not applicable to entrants with diplomatic and official purposes.

2.1. All entrants to Viet Nam are subject to have medical checked and shall comply with Viet Nam’s regulations.

2.2 Apart from recent policy for other entrants, mass quarantine for entrants from the United States, European and ASEAN countries will also be applied. Those who are not subject to be in mass quarantine will be quarantined and health monitored at home, business premises, places of residence etc in accordance with the guidelines of the Ministry of Health.

2.3. All entrants to Viet Nam will be screened while on board after landing and will be medical checked and tested later on.

Here is the OFFICIAL LINK by our government: