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Special New Year Foods in Indochina

The same as Tet holidays in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia also welcome New Year following lunar calendar. In the first day of New Year, each country has own traditional foods with meanings that brings lucky to everyone in this year. 


With Vietnamese, Chung Cake (Square Cake) represents convergence of sky, ground and deep grateful to ancestor. Therefore, Chung cake became traditional Vietnamese food from thousand years ago with deeply meanings. In every Vietnamese Family, Chung Cake cannot be miss food in the altar. In the days closed to official Tet day, Vietnamese would cluster round Chung Cake pot to confide, remain the old story and show desired in the New Year.


Tet in Laos is also called “Songkran” and hold on 14th -16th, April in annual. The first meal in the New Year of laos cannot be miss specific Tet food that is named “Lap dish”. It’s “Bud” meaning. “Bud” dish was made by chicken meat or fresh beef and eaten with rice.

With Laos, Lap dish’s meaning is plentiful good fortune praying in the New Year. Besides, laos give Lap dish to their relative with praying good fortune meaning to relatives.


Curry is important dish in the Chol Chnam Thnam New year of Cambodian. In the first day of New Year, each family brings one dish at least to pagoda to offer ancestor their grateful. Then, this family will gather to enjoy fragrant curry dish together. Don’t miss good chance to enjoy specific interesting dish that have hot taste if you have chance to travel on New Year of Cambodian