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Nha Nhung Cave, Son La

Nha Nhung Cave is located in Tram Hoc Village, Chieng On Commune, Yen Chau district, Son La province, Son La Vietnam.
Nha Nhung Cave is a natural cave beneath limestone mountains called A Lieng. Go to the monument, you’ll hear legends about Muong God Prince looking for his lovers in the cool climate, harmonious natural beauty; The cave consists of 10 compartments, each compartment has a different beauty; the deeper you go inside, The unearthly beauty you will feel that the creation gave to human and nature of Yen Chau.
The relic was ranked as provincial relic in 2011
How to find Nha Nhung Cave: Here is the map! 

Some photos of Nha Nhung Cave:
Main entrance of Nha Nhung cave Chien On, Son La
Nha Nhung cave, Chien On, Son La
Nha Nhung Cave Son La
Nha Nhung cave, Chien On, Son La