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“Vietnam Photo – The Mountains and Oceans” – part 1

There are 40 photographs of 4 famous Vietnamese photographers: Hoang The Nhiem, Tran Cao Bao Long, Le The Thang (Thang Soi) and Andre Luu in Phu Quoc island. The overview of “Vietnam – the Mountains and Oceans” is the topic of the excellent scene of the mountains and seas of the nation over. In the gallery, Hoang The Nhiem with Panorama picture have described the gloriously of mountains, plateaus, cliffs; Tran Cao Bao Long with the landscape of human life is extremely sentimental darling; the expert of “Exposure” Andre Luu brings the impressive of mystery sight and companion of Thang Soi, who is well known for his lovely view in the task “Vietnam from above”.

Hoang The Nhiem was captured by the photography group as the “the king” of landscape photos of Vietnam. An uncommon individual have spent his whole life for photography.

Andre Luu is a Vietnamese American who has just returned to his hometown. Despite his lateness in trying out in the field of photography, he immediately impresses the photography community with his special images by sophisticated exposure technology

Tran Cao Bao Long is a veteran photographer, sticking his “youth” in wandering around the country and obtained many beautiful pictures, affectionate, romantic and very “poetic.”

“The photos I brought to the exhibition are among the best in the “Vietnam From above” project, which I have been following for 3 years, bringing to the viewers a new perspective on the landscapes which are excellent itselves” Thang Soi shared.

The photographic rights belong to the authors of photos. In case of using for another purpose, please contact the authors directly.

Bao Lac 10 storey bow pass, Cao Bang (Thang Soi)

Ta Dung lake, Dak Nong (Thang Soi)


The moss at Co Thach (Andre Luu)


Transplant season – Hoang Su Phi, Ha Giang (Tran Cao Bao Long)


Going out on sea – Sa Ky water front, Quang Ngai (Thang Soi)


Cu Mong marsh, Phu Yen (Thang Soi)


Mong Tay island, Phu Quoc (Thang Soi)


Sao Beach, Phu Quoc (Thang Soi)


Ke Ga cape, Binh Thuan (Andre Luu)


The gathering clouds at Na Hang (Andre Luu)


Pearl of the Central (Thang Soi)


Back to the ocean, Phu Quoc (Andre Luu)


The generations – Phu Quoc (Andre Luu)


Tay Bac Art – Mam Xoi, Mu Cang Chai (Thang Soi)


A strange snow season at Sapa (Tran Cao Bao Long)


Thom beach at sunrise – Phu Quoc (Andre Luu)


Sunrise at Con Dao (Tran Cao Bao Long)


Sunrise at Vinh Hy – Ninh Thuan (Andree Luu)


Breaking wave – Ninh Thuan (Andre Luu)

(to be continued).